ATOMEXPO 2015 shows nuclear industry’s global collaboration

Rosatom recently concluded its seventh ATOMEXPO 2015 international forum in the beautiful Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center in Moscow.

It was a great time experiencing the culture and history of Moscow, but it was also great being around more than 20,000 people representing 60 countries in different stages of establishing a nuclear industry. Like Indonesia, which has created a nuclear regulatory agency and is now open for business to build its first nuclear power plant, to countries like Russia and Brazil that have been operating nuclear plants for decades.

The topic of this year’s forum was “Nuclear Power as an Impulse for Socio-Economic Development.” Attendees collaborated, negotiated and debated hot topics affecting everyone and signed a few business deals. Nuclear as a source of power generation was the main topic, with roundtables on such subjects as supply chain management, localization, market conditions, O&M and decommissioning, but the focus was also on nuclear as it is used in medicine, education and other industries. Basically, any way nuclear can be used to improve lives was discussed at the forum.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak in a session about our Projects of the Year awards. The 2014 nuclear winners were both projects built by Rosatom — the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran and the Kudankulam 1 plant in India. It was a nice change from the seriousness of the trends in the industry, and let people know that their nuclear projects around the world are being recognized (and that we are now accepting nominations!)

Global cooperation is necessary in keeping the nuclear industry running in the future, and it seems many are ready and willing to help those who are just getting started and those who need a little help to maintain current operations.