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GEH supplies 500th nuclear control rod blade

Pilgrim nuclear power plant to shut down by 2019 Entergy Massachusetts

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) delivered its 500th Ultra Control Rod Blade to the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Massachusetts as part of a multi-blade order.
GEH has delivered Ultra blades to boiling water reactors globally, including in the U.S., Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan. The first Ultra Medium duty blades were delivered in 2009, and the first high duty blades were supplied in 2011. GEH recently completed manufacturing of more than 40 Ultra Control Rod Blades for Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG to be installed in the Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant in Switzerland this summer.
Control rod blades are long, cruciform shaped metal-tube components that contain neutron-absorbing material and are positioned adjacent to nuclear fuel assemblies within the reactor core.
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