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GE adds on to orders of natural gas-fired turbine

GE (NYSE: GE) announced more orders for the company’s HA gas turbines.
GE reported a total of 16 orders, up from 15 at the end of 2014. HA technology selections also increased from 45 at the end of last year to 53, as of April 14. The number of countries choosing the HA turbines increased from nine to 11 and includes the U.S., Japan, UK, Brazil, South Korea, France, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Argentina and Egypt.
In addition, final thermal mapping testing was completed on a 9HA.01 gas turbine at the end of March. The air-cooled turbine was undergoing three months of comprehensive validation testing at the GE test stand in Greenville, South Carolina. The 9HA.01 turbine evolved from GE’s H-class steam-cooled gas turbines and the F-class turbine technology.

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