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Belarus to shut down 900-MW of power plant generation for nuclear power plant

Ukraine delivers nuclear power equipment for Belgian project

Belarus plans to decommission 900-MW worth of power generating plant capacity before operations begin at a new nuclear power plant.
The country’s Energy Minister said in Belta News Agency that the government planned to decommission the power plants by 2020, around the time the Ostrovets nuclear plant is scheduled to begin operations. The plants are either at the end of their service life or are no longer economically feasible to keep open.
The official said in the article that once the nuclear plant begins operations, Belarus will also be able to decrease the imports of natural gas by 25 percent. The country purchased 8 billion kWh of electricity in the past and plans to decrease that amount to 2.5 billion kWh for the year.
The new nuclear plant will use two AES-2006 reactors with a total capacity of up to 2,400 MW.
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