Caption: Salem Harbor Station

BOND, a civil and utility construction firm, has begun preliminary site work at New Salem Harbor Station, a 674-MW combined-cycle gas-fired power plant. BOND was awarded the contract by Iberdrola Engineering Projects to provide site work services for the project. 

The new facility will be built on the site of the 65-year-old, decommissioned coal-and-oil-fired Salem Harbor Station generating plant, and will feature two GE (NYSE: GE) 7F 5-series gas turbines. The turbines facilitate the first “rapid response” power island in New England, providing the plant with the capability to add 300-MW of power to the grid within 10 minutes, further supporting the integration of wind and other renewable energy sources in the area. Engineers expect the plant to occupy less than a third of the former plant’s space.

The addition of New Salem Harbor Station will allow the region to reduce nitric oxide emissions by 10 percent, sulfur dioxide emissions by 8 percent, and mercury emissions by 6 percent. 

New Salem Harbor Station is owned by affiliates of Highstar Capital IV, L.P., Toyota Tsusho Corp. and project developer Footprint Power.

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