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Nuclear capacity must increase to 930 GW by 2050, report says

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) jointly released a roadmap saying nuclear needs to increase by more than 900 GW by 2050, a decrease from 2010 predictions.
The Technology Roadmap: Nuclear Energy 2015 Update says installed nuclear capacity must reach 930 GW in 2050, in order to help limit the rise in global temperature. An earlier roadmap published in 2010 said capacity needed to increase by 1,200 GW in that timeframe. The updated report would put nuclear at 17 percent of the world’s electricity share by 2050.
The report also says that many countries will need to step in and create financing opportunities for large-scale nuclear projects, along with political and public support. Progress must also be made in building and operating facilities for the disposal of high-level wastes.
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