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P.H. Glatfelter plans shutdown of three coal boilers in Pennsylvania

P.H. Glatfelter Co. is nearing an air permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection that will allow it to shut down three coal boilers at its industrial facility in York County.

The Department said in a Nov. 29 notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin that this permit would cover “construction of two (2) Babcock & Wilcox (B&W), or equivalent, 405.8 MMBtu per hour each, natural gas fired boilers and installation of a hydrated lime injection system to reduce HCl emissions from Power Boiler No. 5, with associated equipment including, but not limited to, a storage silo and pneumatic conveying system at the P.H. Glatfelter Co.’s Spring Grove facility located in Spring Grove Borough, York County. As part of the project, three (3) coal fired power boilers will also be decommissioned.”

The plan approval will include Emission Reduction Credits (ERC) related to the decommissioning of the three coal-fired power boilers. DEP’s review of the information submitted by the applicant indicates that the air contamination sources as constructed or modified will comply with all regulatory requirements pertaining to air contamination sources and the emission of air contaminants including the best available technology requirement (BAT) of federal and state code for industrial boilers. Based on these findings, the Department proposes to issue a plan approval for the proposed construction.

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