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Carbon capture and storage projects rise to 22 worldwide

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Global carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects rose to 22 in 2014,  according to the Global CCS Institute.

“We simply can’t have an effective response to tackling climate change without CCS,” Brad Page, CEO of the Global CCS Institute, said.

The CCS technology also hit a milestone with the start of the first coal-fired power plant to utilize the technology.

According to the institute the number of projects under construction or in operation doubled from 11 in 2010.

Canada’s Saskatchewan Power started a major CCS project at a coal-fired power plant in October. The project is expected to capture 90 percent of the emissions from its Boundary Dam power plant and sell the carbon to Cenovus Energy for enhanced oil recovery.

Other CCS projects in the works are the Kemper County Energy Facility in Mississippi which will enter operations in 2015; and the Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project in Texas which is scheduled to reach operations in 2016.