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NRC to increase oversight of Limerick nuclear power plant

Exelon ends plans to uprate two nuclear power plants Limerick LaSalle Pennsylvania Illinois Wall Street Journal

Just days after issuing license extensions for both reactors at the Limerick nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says it will increase oversight of the plant.

Inspectors finalized a security-related inspection finding classified as “greater than green” for the plant that is operated by Exelon (NYSE: EXC). In the case of security-related inspection findings, the NRC notifies the public when the “greater than green” threshold has been crossed, but does not provide specifics because of the sensitivity associated with such findings and indicators, NRC said in a statement.

During an inspection at the Limerick plant from June 16-20, NRC documented the finding and gave Exelon an opportunity to provide a written response or take part in a conference with NRC staff to provide more details or perspectives regarding the finding. Exelon opted for the conference, which was held on Sept. 18. Based on the information presented by Exelon and the information developed during the inspection, the NRC determined the finding.

The NRC granted 20-year license extensions for both reactors that are set to expire Oct. 26, 2044 for Unit 1 and June 22, 2049 for Unit 2.

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