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SaskPower successfully captures carbon dioxide, delivers to oilfield

The $1.35 billion Boundary Dam carbon capture and storage (CCS) project has successfully completed its CCS chain by piping captured carbon dioxide to a nearby oilfield.

The project, which integrates a coal-fired power unit with amine capture technology, has been capturing CO2 since late September, but today sees the start of operations to pipe the greenhouse gas to Cenovus Energy’s oilfields for use in enhanced oil recovery operations — thereby completing the CCS chain.

Project backers said large-scale demonstration projects, such as Boundary Dam, are needed to prove the viability of CCS to policymakers, investors and the public alike.

The Boundary Dam project will capture around one million tons of CO2 annually from the power plant’s Unit 3. Any CO2 not used in enhanced oil recovery will be stored at the Aquistore project, a CO2 storage research and monitoring project in southeast Saskatchewan.

SaskPower’s intended project goals include reducing CO2 emissions at Boundary Dam by one million tons per year; proving the economic, technical and environmental feasibility of coal-fired power generation with CCS; and support for the development of industry-wide CCS regulations and policies.

SaskPower is a Canadian utility company with approximately half a million customers across the province of Saskatchewan.