Execs: Collaboration is key to success of U.S. nuclear industry

I recently spoke with four executives from Entergy, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Westinghouse Electric Co. and NuScale Power LLC to discuss the present and future of the U.S. industry. The executives all spoke optimistically about the future of the industry despite market conditions, plant closures and differing public and regulatory opinions.

One thing I came away with, however, is that everyone on the call said it takes everyone involved in the nuclear industry to help change the tide of bad news. All of the participants said that vendors and utilities alike need to work together to educate the public and lawmakers about nuclear power.

“A coordinated and consistent effort across the industry is very important for the future of these facilities,” said Mike Twomey, vice president of External Affairs with Entergy Wholesale Commodities. “The continued operation of the existing nuclear fleet is important for the new builds as well.”

“We, as a nuclear community, tend to forget that what we all know and have lived for so long is not a simple topic and it’s not easily consumed by the public,” said Mike McGough, chief commercial officer with NuScale Power LLC.

For more on what the executives had to say about the U.S. and global nuclear markets, check out the nuclear roundtable in the upcoming November/December issue of Nuclear Power International magazine.