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Iberdrola Renewables provides energy to California’s Roseville Electric

Iberdrola Renewables has entered into a 10-year contract to supply Roseville Electric, the municipal electric utility of Roseville, California, with a package of renewable energy products.

“We pride ourselves in providing reliable energy and outstanding service to our customers while ensuring we meet the state’s renewable energy goals,” said Roseville Electric Assistant Utility Director Mike Bloom. “Roseville Electric Utility’s purchase of energy from Iberdrola Renewables is a significant step in helping us achieve the state’s renewable mandates.”

Roseville has set a goal to increase the amount of energy it receives from renewable resources to 33 percent by 2020. The goal will also add to California’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) obligation through 2024. Iberdrola Renewables will manage renewable energy credits from its portfolio, which includes facilities certified by the California Energy Commission to meet the state’s RPS.

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