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Energy reform in Mexico creates cogeneration opportunities

Energy reform in Mexico is reshaping the country’s generation portfolio.

State utility, CFE, said in July that it plans to offer $2.8 billion in natural gas and energy project contracts by the end of the year. Plans already include two combined-cycle power plants.

GE (NYSE: GE), Sempra Energy and Tecogen have shown interest in cogeneration development in Mexico. GE currently holds 40 percent minority stake with Pemex’s 300-MW Nuevo Pemex Cogeneration Power Plant in Tabasco, Mexico. According to a report from MarketWatch, Sempra’s Mexican unit, IEnova, is reported to be vying for CFE contracts. Tecogen is a manufacturer of CHP systems.

In 2012, Mexico passed a mandate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent by 2020.