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Wyoming grants wind power project site extension

The Industrial Siting Council granted Wasatch Wind a final permit extension to begin construction on its Pioneer Park wind farm near Glenrock, Wyoming.

The permit gives Wasatch until February 2016 to begin construction on the 46-turbine wind farm and August 2015 to prove it has the financing for the project, the Star Tribune reported.

“Most parties out there are looking at 2015 projects, and ours is a 2016 project, so there’s a bit of a lag. Once we get through this year, projects will start being built,” said Wasatch President Christine Mikell. “The project is fully developed and ready to go. We have a deadline with our power purchase agreement, and those dates result in the same conclusion. We need to get the power in the ground by 2016 and get a financial partner to do it.”

In April, Wasatch entered a power purchase agreement with Rocky Mountain Power.

Wasatch Wind is required to provide information on potential financiers in an Industrial Siting Council hearing before August 2015.

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