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Westinghouse technology installed at Watts Bar nuclear power plant

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC issues Final Environmental Impact Statement Watts Bar nuclear Unit 2

Westinghouse Electric Co., a group of Toshiba Corp., has successfully installed its spent fuel pool level instrumentation system at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant near Spring City, Tennessee.

Spent fuel pools stores used nuclear fuel from a nuclear reactor. U.S. utilities are mandated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to install spent fuel pool level instrumentation at nuclear facilities. The spent fuel pool instrumentation system provides operators a way to monitor the water level in the pool to ensure the used fuel remains covered by water and cooled.

“This is one of the first Westinghouse post-Fukushima modifications to be installed and operational at a U.S. nuclear power plant,” said David Howell, senior vice president, Westinghouse Automation and Field Services.

Currently, Westinghouse has received contracts to deliver more than 90 spent fuel pool instrumentation system solutions in the U.S.

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