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Wylfa nuclear reactor shuts down a week after restart

Wylfa nuclear power unit shuts down

A steam leak shut down a turbine at a nuclear power plant that had just reopened after a five-month shut down.

The 490-MW Unit 1 at the Wylfa nuclear power plant in Wales was operating normally and shut down following normal procedures, according to the BBC. A spokesperson for plant operator Magnox said in the article that the steam release was not part of the nuclear reactor equipment.

The reactor restarted earlier in July after a five-month shutdown. The reactor was down January 6 for a planned maintenance outage, but repairs to a turbine and a gas circulator delayed two restart efforts. The unit is scheduled to permanently shut down on September 30, but Magnox requested a 15-month life extension. Wylfa 2 was shut down in April 2012 after 41 years of operation.

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