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Report: Additional cuts needed for states to meet EPA’s proposed CO2 rule

SNL Energy Research and Advisory Services said most states will need to make additional cuts in order to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s proposed emissions rule.

The analysis said that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for units covered by the Clean Power Rule in 40 of 49 states covered by the proposed Clean Power Rule would post a decline in adjusted CO2 emissions rates compared to 2012, but only six of those states would see CO2 emissions fall below EPA’s proposed requirements. Projections also show that seven states would increase their average emissions rates compared to 2012, while 41 states would have higher CO2 emissions rates in 2030 than the final goal set by EPA.

In conducting the report, SNL Energy projected CO2 emissions for units covered by the proposed rule in 47 of the 49 states, including the impacts on future unit dispatch from upcoming retirements due to EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards as well as expected renewable generation growth.

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