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NRG Energy readies for summer solstice with 1200 MW of solar capacity

Dominion EDF Renewable Energy solar power project California CID Solar Project

NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) is prepared for the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

NRG Energy has the capacity to generate more than 1,200-MW of solar power. In 2014, NRG’s utility-scale solar facilities have collectively produced more than 957,000-MWh of electricity from 12 major projects.  

“The sun is our cleanest and most abundant energy resource, and harnessing solar power is driving a transformation to a clean energy economy,” said Tom Doyle, president for NRG’s solar and wind business unit. “As people continue to demand and embrace clean energy solutions and companies continue to innovate further to provide them, we will start to see real progress in our fight against climate change.”

NRG has added significant solar capacity this year through:

  • Ivanpah, the largest solar thermal facility in the world, generates 400-MW of solar energy, and produces half of the total solar thermal power in California.
  • The Agua Caliente Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Facility is the largest, fully operational solar PV project in the world at 290-MW.
  • Community 1 Generating Facility, a first-of-its-kind, community solar program, allows residents to purchase energy from the 6-MW facility at a competitive rate.