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Wylfa nuclear Unit 1 has been down for more than five months

Wylfa nuclear power unit shuts down

Unit 1 at the Wylfa nuclear power plant in Wales has been shut down for more than five months.

According to the BBC, the 490-MW Unit 1 at the plant was shut down January 6 for maintenance work, but more issues were discovered which led to two delays in restarting the reactor. A plant spokesman said in the article that the unit was scheduled to be shut down for 100 days, but when workers tried to restart the unit, it was discovered that repairs were needed to a turbine and a gas circulator.

The latest issue centers around a damaged pipe that workers found June 13, the article said. Workers hope to restart the unit in two weeks. Unit 1 is scheduled to permanently close at the end of September 2014, but Magnox Limited requested a 15-month life extension until December 2015. Wylfa 2 was shut down in April 2012 after 41 years of service.

The Office for Nuclear, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales are currently assessing a proposal to build an advanced boiling water reactor at the Wylfa plant.

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