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Portable power tools

Issue 6 and Volume 118.

American Power Tool Co. introduces the SafetySwage SS-1 and SS-2, which are compact portable power tools for installing single and two ferrule compression fittings. SafetySwage SS-2 develops over 450 ft-lbs. of output torque and permits workers to install a wide range of fittings in a fraction of the time required by hydraulic pre-setters. These tools feature state of the art technology to ensure fast accurate fitting installation in hard to reach locations.

SafetySwage’s programmable control system enables installers to select specific installation set points. Pre-assembly is virtually eliminated with these new tools. SafetySwage sets fittings to the standard set point of 1-1⁄4 turns beyond hand tight as recommended by most hardware manufacturers. These tools are controlled by a simple push button and enables workers to select any required set point in seconds. This installation feature extends the utility of the tool to reduce vibration-induced leaks.

American Power Tool Co.

Water monitoring technology

Select Energy Services LLC launched the AquaView, a suite of services that efficiently monitor water at various stages of the completions process through real-time, wireless technology. AquaView’s instant monitoring capabilities allow Select to respond immediately to on-site issues before emergencies arise.

AquaView capabilities include pit and reservoir hydrographic surveys utilizing SONAR remote control and GPS real-time data; data delivered to a secure portal offering current and historical data; real time water quality reporting; and mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support. The system can transmit the data with enabled access through computers, smart phones, tablets and text messages.

Select Energy Services LLC

Wet/Wet differential Pressure transmitter

American Sensor Technologies Inc.

American Sensor Technologies Inc. now offers its AST5300 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter with a 5 PSID measurement range to address requirements in the flow and filtration markets.

The 5PSID is an additional, lower pressure option. Customers can measure differential pressure with the same line pressure as the 10 PSI version, but will now have the differential. If a customer is monitoring flow, they can measure smaller changes in pressure across an orifice plate more accurately. For level measurement of sealed and vented tanks, the lower pressure range will measure smaller tanks more accurately.

The AST5300 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitters / Transducers offer low differential pressure ranges in high line pressures (1500 PSI) with excellent burst pressure capabilities. With no oil filled cavities and no internal o-rings to fail, the AST5300 are ideal for oil & gas and semiconductor industries.

American Sensor Technologies Inc.

Meter signal transmission

Baumer presents the Incremental Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface (FOI). Signal transmission allows for maximum 2,200-meter cable length and is fully immune against electromagnetic interference. A redundant encoder variant with simultaneous electric and optic signal transmission is also available. The HOG 86 L with FOI is suitable for all outdoor, harsh, and heavy-duty applications which require long cable runs and are susceptible to electrical interference.

The HOG 86 encoder platform includes a wide variety of design benefits, such as a terminal box rotatable through 180°, an M23 mating connector, cable outlet, or even redundant sensing outputs.

HOG 86 encoders come in a very resilient mechanical design. Large, optimally-spaced bearings at both ends ensure a considerably extended service life. Enduring temperatures from -40 °C to +100 °C, these encoders provide long-term IP66 protection and are compliant to corrosion category C4.

Baumer Group

Cable defect detector

EA Technology has launched the CableData Collector, which works by testing for Partial Discharge (PD) activity, or small discharges which result in damage to the cable, and if left unattended will lead to insulation failure.

The instrument quickly detects PD activity in live cables by measuring radio frequency currents. It works with most types of single and three phase insulated cables at distribution voltages, up to several miles in length. Information about PD activity is recorded by the CableData Collector hardware and can be sent to EA Technology for expert analysis. Alternatively, users can buy EA Technology’s software package to perform their own data analysis. In either case, they will have access to clear reports on cables affected by PD activity and recommendations for remedial action.

EA Technology

Power module

Caterpillar Inc. introduced the next generation Cat® XQ2000 Power Module, which combines world-class durability and reliability with industry-leading fuel economy. The combination of proven Cat components with cutting-edge technologies makes the Cat XQ2000 Power Module the industry’s leading portable power solution.

The Cat 3516B is the core engine platform for the next generation XQ2000. With thousands of applications worldwide and millions of operating hours, the 3516B offers proven performance, long life and maximum up time, while providing market-leading fuel economy.

The XQ2000 incorporates a variable frequency drive and high efficiency fan to improve mechanical efficiency. With these improvements the fan draws 40 percent less load on the engine at 100 percent generator set load. This decreased parasitic load delivers up to 8 percent improved fuel economy over the previous generation.

Caterpillar Inc.

Digital heat trace controller


Chromalox offers a digital heat trace controller for use with constant wattage, mineral insulated or self-regulating heat trace cables. The model ITC Series intelliTRACE brand controller is designed for line or ambient sensing heat trace applications in hazardous (Class I, Division 2) or non-hazardous areas in industrial settings such as chemical processing, oil and gas exploration, and petrochemical processing.

These single, or independently controlled and monitored, dual-circuit microprocessor-based temperature controllers switch 40 Amps per circuit at 100-277 Vac, and may be used in either freeze protection or process temperature control applications. ITC’s compact 10″ x 8″ x 6″ NEMA 4X enclosure facilitates all of the electrical connections including the heating cable, the AC Power and the RTD Sensors.

The ITC controller enables the user to monitor temperature, current load and ground fault equipment protection leakage current (GFEP). Additionally, the alarms on the ITC consist of high and low temperature, high and low current, high GFEP current and sensor failure.


Piezoelectric accelerometers

Columbia Research Laboratories

Columbia Research Laboratories has developed a group of piezoelectric general purpose accelerometers that are ideal for a wide range of shock and vibration applications.

The 3000 Series standard size units include many with all welded construction that are hermetically sealed for use in dirty and humid environments. The design of the piezoelectric seismic system inherently provides complete mechanical isolation of the sensing element, making the sensors insensitive to mounting torque, body strains, cable vibration, cable whip, pressure variations, and most heat transients. These units offer wide frequency ranges and are available in high temperature versions.

The 5000 Series are smaller and lighter in weight than standard units. Characteristics are almost identical to standard units except that with the smaller, lighter units, higher natural frequencies and shock levels can be obtained due to their reduced mass. Sensitivities, however, are somewhat lower.

Columbia Research Laboratories

Cortec developed the Cor-Pak tablets to fight corrosion.

The tablets provide an efficient dry method of protecting metals within a package. The tablets provide more than two years of premium multi-metal corrosion protection. The tablets are powered by Nano-VpCl using nitrate, phosphate, and silicate free.

After the VpCl vaporizes, it will attach to all metal surfaces, reaching into recessed areas. The protective monomolecular layer does not need to be removed prior to processing or operation. The tablets are designed to protect products, components or assemblies when packaged in corrugated boxes, plastic wrap or bags, and metal, plastic or wood containers.


Encoder/Counter Module

WAGO Corp.

WAGO Corp. adds an HTL Incremental Encoder/Counter Module to its SPEEDWAY IP67 I/O-SYSTEM. The machine-mountable 767-5202 evaluates incremental encoders and SSI absolute encoders at 24 V signal levels in harsh environments. It also provides a counting function for binary signals up to 250 kHZ.

The SPEEDWAY 767-5202 provides two 8-pole M12 encoder ports. Channel configuration options include: type of evaluation and sensor, output format, filters, inversion, latch, gate, preset, cam, simulation and limits. The 767-5202 also has two 5-pole M12 ports with four configurable digital inputs/outputs for sensors and actuators. Two of these channels can serve as pulse-width-modulated outputs, with the 100 Hz–10 kHz clock frequency having a pulse-width repetition rate of 0–100%. Users may set previously defined outputs directly as a function of counter readings.

The 767-5202 is configurable via fieldbus-independent FDT/DTM, or via fieldbus-dependent device descriptions (e.g., GSD or GSDML). It is programmable via USB interface integrated into the fieldbus coupler, or directly via fieldbus (not applicable to Ethernet-based couplers).

WAGO Corp.

Electromagnetic flow meter

Endress+Hauser released the Proline Promag 200 electromagnetic flow meter, a two-wire magmeter that offers the same measuring performance as four-wire magmeters.

The Promag H200 is available in line sizes of 1/12 to 1 inch and Promag P200 is available in line sizes of 1/2 to 8 inch for measuring the flow rates of conductive fluids with an accuracy of ±0.5 percent of range and repeatability of ±0.2 percent of range. The flowmeter operates in process temperatures from -40 to 304 ºF. Connections include welded, threaded, hygienic and flanged versions that meet EN/DIN PN 16-40, ASME B16.5 Cl 150, Cl 300 and JIS 10K and 20K process connection pressure ratings.


Acetal gear


Ensinger uses a proprietary extrusion process using DuPont’s Delrin stock to create an acetal gear. Ensinger’s extrusion process produces shapes with lower stress and better dimensional stability that leads to consistent and reliable mechanical parts.

Its higher strength characteristics and better fatigue endurance make it an excellent choice to replace metal gears while maintaining or improving long-term performance. Popular applications for Ensinger’s DuPont Delrin shapes include conveyor parts, such as bushings and bearing housings; fasteners and clips and fuel system components.


Ethernet starter kits

WAGO Corp.

WAGO Corp.’s ETHERNET 2.0 (IP20) and SPEEDWAY (IP67) ETHERNET Starter Kits offer a low-cost approach to training. Developed to provide WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM fundamentals, the starter kits consist of comprehensive I/O nodes complete with software site licenses and hardware.

Based on WAGO’s popular IP20 and IP67 control platforms, the high-value ETHERNET Starter Kits feature supplementary I/O modules, power supplies and cabling. A Quick Start Guide and “tools & documents” DVD are also included to support training.

The IP20 ETHERNET Starter Kit contains: 750-880 ETHERNET 2.0 PLC with SD Card, a 2-channel DI and DO modules, power supply, 2-way digital input simulator and end module.

The IP67 Starter Kit introduces cabinet-free automation via prominent protocols such as Modbus/TCP and EtherNetI/P. It features a SPEEDWAY programmable controller with Ethernet ports, 8-channel DO and spacer modules, power supply rocker switch and RJ-45 to cable breakout module.

WAGO Corp.

Reversible membrane electrode assembly

FuelCellsEtc’s catalyst coated membrane (CCM) refers to an architecture where the electrodes are transferred directly onto the membrane without a gas diffusion layer attached. FuelCellsEtc’s Reversible Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM, or 3-layer) can be used in an electrolysis system for hydrogen production and in a hydrogen air or oxygen fuel cell. The main purpose of a Reversible Catalyst Coated is perfect for educational products as well as demonstrations of the advantages of using Hydrogen as an energy storage medium.

FuelCellsEtc can assist with additional customization as well as the unique design aspects of reversible Fuel Cell / Electrolyzer systems.


Screw-in outdoor vent

W.L. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates introduces a vent specifically engineered for large outdoor enclosures with a volume in excess of 200 liters. The PolyVent XL improves the integrity, reliability and safety of these large housings in challenging environments such as found in the solar, telecommunications and exterior lighting industries.

The PolyVent XL delivers reliable, long-lasting protection even in the harshest environments as proven by its compliance with multiple industry standards. The vent’s membrane protects the electronics from liquids and particulates by providing a durable barrier that even meets the challenging IP69K standard, which addresses protection from high-pressure, high temperature spray. The vent performs in temperatures between -40°C and 125°C. The vent also increases housing life because of its durable welded cap, enabling the vent to pass the hail impact test specified in the IEC 62108 standard for the solar industry. After installation in the field, the PolyVent XL does not require any maintenance for the life of the electronics and the housing.

W.L. Gore & Associates

Handheld Colorimeter

Hach Co. has developed a multiparameter handheld instrument for testing water in the field, the DR 900 Handheld Colorimeter. The DR 900 is field ready in every way possible.

Time-savings is the main driver behind the new DR 900. The colorimeter provides the ability to test 90 of the most commonly tested water methods, while putting your favorite methods at your fingertips. By improving the user interface and method selection options, ease of testing is the standard and not the exception for this instrument.

The DR 900 is made for use in harsh and challenging field environments. Ruggedly constructed, waterproof, dustproof, drop tested and shock resistant, this colorimeter ensures reliability in all conditions. The instrument has a backlit display option for use in low light areas with the push of a button. The DR 900 can store data from up to 500 tests, and comes with a USB port for easy data transfer to a PC or laptop.

Hach Co.

Hardhat Lanyard

Hammerhead Industries

Dropped from aloft, a hardhat is a one-pound unguided missile that endangers the entire worksite. It’s an accident that can be virtually eliminated with Hammerhead Industries’ Gear Keeper RT5-5601 Hardhat Lanyard Retention System.

The new hardhat lanyard is load tested to safely tether all commonly used industrial hardhats. The RT5-5601 is easily attached with Velcro strap loops and cinches around the fall protection harness strap, ring or tri-bar. It is designed to keep the lanyard close to the body to avoid discomfort and entanglement.

The new lanyard uses a sturdy, industrial-grade spectra/nylon line that extends up to 14-inches. For additional safety, the Gear Keeper Hardhat Lanyard model RT5-5601 features a gentle 2.5 oz. retraction force that takes up any unused slack.

Hammerhead Industries

Explosion-proof LED

Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics has announced the release of the EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 Explosion Proof LED Paint Spray Booth Light equipped with LED tubes instead of fluorescents for higher output and greater reliability.

The EPL-48-2L-LED-G2 paint booth approved LED light fixture is an efficient lighting solution for operators who require high light quality and compliance with paint booth HAZLOC standards.

These solid state LED lamps carry a 50,000 hour rating while producing 98.21 lumens per watt. Since these units utilize LED lamps, there is no ballast, further improving reliability as well as reducing fixture weight. These explosion proof fixtures are also suitable for any location designated Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D, Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, Class 2, Division 1 – 2, Groups E, F, G and are UL 595/ UL 1598 suitable for marine type locations as well. Also designed for rugged durability, these explosion proof fixtures feature a copper free aluminum housing and reflector assembly for lightweight and high strength, with impact and heat resistant Pyrex tubes for maximum lamp protection.

Larson Electronics

Fiber optic cables

Laser Components

Laser Components offers its own line of fiber optic cables including indoor and outdoor cables, from simplex and duplex cables to multi-channel breakout cables.

Step-index fibers allow the application of inexpensive emitter and receiver components. The diameters of standard cables include 2.2 mm, 2.5 mm and 3 mm. Most cables can be delivered with and without aramid yarn for strain relief purposes. The variety of cable materials includes PVC, PE, PU, OFNR-/OFNP-classified materials with low-smoke characteristics.

Laser Components

Lever-actuated splices

WAGO Corp.

WAGO Corp.’s 222 Series LEVER-NUTS lever-actuated splices eliminates twisting, taping and crimping. Simply lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor and lower it. This also provides reusability, giving LEVER-NUTS a unique, cost-effective edge over traditional splices. The splices can be used in controls, such as PLC wiring for reverse osmosis water purification systems; and in machinery, such as fan motor power leads with capacitor to limit electrical “noise.”

UL Listed, touch-proof LEVER-NUTS carry ratings up to 600 V, 20 A max current capacity and 105°C insulating material temperature. CAGE CLAMP Compact Spring Pressure ensures maintenance-free, vibration-resistant connections.

WAGO Corp.

Safety isolators and splitters

Moore Industries

Moore Industries’ new SSX and SST Safety Isolators and Splitters provide reliable isolation and signal conversion for HART data in functionally safe process control settings. The two-wire (loop powered) SSX and four-wire (line/mains powered) SST have been certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2.

The SSX and SST family protects safety systems by isolating an SIS from basic process control or monitoring systems so that disconnections or other failures don’t impact the safety system. It also has 1500Vrms of isolating capability to protect safety I/O cards and systems from surges, spikes and transients in the field. Standard 20V/m RFI and EMI protection stops damages caused by radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

The four-wire SST Splitter takes the input from one process signal and creates two identical, isolated outputs that can go to two different monitoring or control devices.

Moore Industries

Portable power system

Southwest Electronic Energy Group

Southwest Electronic Energy Group announced its rugged, lightweight, 12V/100Ah portable power system.

POW-R Tote was originally used by law enforcement for quiet electrical energy during long stakeouts. About the size of a lunchbox and weighing only 23 lbs., the eco-friendly and reliable POW-R Tote uses safe, powerful Lithium-Ion battery technology to deliver 2X longer run time and 2X more power at 1/2 the weight when compared to a typical 12-V lead acid battery commonly used in similar applications.

POW-R TOTE is housed in a virtually indestructible, heavy-duty, watertight iM2075 Pelican Storm Case to handle harsh environments. Two power connectors come standard. SWE will configure-to-order other connectors and energy capacities to meet customers unique needs. Recharging POW-R TOTE is easy with an external 115V/240V AC adapter that plugs into any outlet.

Southwest Electronic Energy Group

Water temperature sensor

Pyrocontrole designed the DT118 sensor that measures water temperature

in the discharge basins of nuclear power plants that use salt water for cooling purposes.

The DT100 resistance probe immersed in salt water is highly watertight and is equipped with a protective metal sheath adapted to withstand the corrosive action of salt. Designed to measure the temperature in the discharge basin, this sensor with specific properties can be used for real-time temperature monitoring of the water discharged by the power plant.


Cabinet Module Drive packages


Siemens announces a new version of its Sinamics S120 Cabinet Module (CM) drive packages, compliant with North American standards and offered with optional UL/cUL listing. This product enables easy configuration of complex common DC bus lineups for multi-motor coordinated drive systems, as well as high horsepower (hp) stand-alone drives for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Pre-designed, fully type-tested modules, including line side components, line infeeds (bus supplies) and motor inverters, all with a broad range of standard options, are selected and configured by the customer.

The Sinamics S120 firmware, combined with Drive-CLiQ (the flexible backplane bus), allows users to assign control units multiple Line and Motor Modules, plus mount the control units and associated I/O and sensor modules anywhere within the line-up or even remotely in a centralized control cabinet or control room.


Silica analyzer

Hach Co. introduced the Hach 5500sc Silica Analyzer that is designed to greatly reduce maintenance and user interaction due to the collection of improvements to the industry’s only Silica Analyzer with a pressurized reagent delivery system.

The Hach 5500sc has a unique pressurized reagent delivery system that helps eliminate the frequent maintenance associated with other analyzers that use traditional pump systems. The system can operate continuously for up to 90 days on only two liters of the needed reagents. Predictive diagnostic tools help reduce unplanned downtime due to Hach’s proprietary Prognosys technology, alerting operators before there is an issue and walking through the steps to correct it.

Hach Co.

Triggered timer relay

WAGO Corp.

WAGO Corp.’s Triggered Timer Relay supports E-stop circuitry within space-restricted panels. Upon E-Stop activation, the falling edge of a trigger signal initiates the 859-477’s off-delay timer for sequential shutdown. The device’s four highly adjustable time delay ranges enable a PLC to log the stopped position of all components.

WAGO Engineering Services developed the 859-477 with a high-resolution, top-mount potentiometer. The 12-turn potentiometer augments two side-mount DIP switches that select time ranges of: 0.5s–2s, 1.0s–12.0s, 5.0s–90s and 50s–12 minutes. The unique top-mount potentiometer enables users to fine-tune time delay settings without removing 859-477 from DIN-rail.

A top-mount LED indicates switching status of the electromechanical single-pole, single-throw Normally Open relay output.

WAGO Corp.

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