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Martin Drake Power Plant boilers expected to run by fall

A Colorado Springs Utilities spokesperson said two boilers at the Martin Drake Power Plant should be operational by the fall.

The plant shutdown on May 5 after a fire erupted when a mechanic changed the wrong filter, spraying oil on steam pipes.

Colorado Springs Utilities’ will repair two of three boiler units, Unit No. 6 and Unit No. 7, the Gazette reported. The two boilers produced 82 percent of the facility’s electrical energy prior to the fire.

Unit No. 6 is expected to be operational in July; and Unit No. 7 should be repaired by fall.

Unit No. 5, the most damaged of the units, won’t be inspected for some time.

“We don’t know how serious the damage is yet on 5 because we haven’t been able to lift all the covers yet,” said Dan Higgins, Utilities Energy Supply Department Interim General Manager.