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Natural gas-fired power plant now meets emissions limits

Russell City Energy Center California natural gas-fired Calpine Corp emissions particulate matter Pacific Gas & Electric PG&E GE Energy Financial Services

The Russell Center Energy Center in California now complies with state air emissions limits.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District ordered Calpine Corp. (NYSE: CPN),  the owner of the 618-MW natural gas-fired plant, to fix the issue of the plant’s cooling tower releasing almost 10 times the allowed amount of water droplets that could contain particulate matter, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Calpine had until the summer to fix it, but completed it several months before the deadline, the article said. Calpine said it added a second layer of filters to the tower in April and reported its finding to the district in May, the article said.

Calpine started operations at Russell City in August. The plant delivers power to Pacific Gas & Electric (NYSE: PCG). Calpine owns 75 percent of the plant, or 464-MW. GE Energy Financial Services owns the remainder.