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Doosan supplies thermal power plant boiler to India

Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam (Doosan Vina) has shipped its 800-MW supercritical power plant boiler to Kudgi, India. The project required eight shipments that included 13,102 tons of coils, panels, headers and links that will be assembled on site.

This is the first coal-fired power plant boiler of its kind to be manufactured in Vietnam

The two 800-MW Kudgi “Supercritical Once-Thru Boilers” will deliver 2,550 tons of high pressure steam per hour. The boilers can withstand temperatures up to 569 degrees Celsius and attain pressure levels of 271 kilograms per square centimeter.

Doosan Vina is one of a handful of companies, globally, certified by ASME to manufacture these high tech power plant boilers. 

Since commencing operations in 2009 Doosan Vina’s Boiler shop has manufactured two 600-MW boilers for the Mong Duong II power plant in northern Vietnam. Globally its boilers are being utilized in: Brazil (360-MW x 4 units), Saudi Arabia (275-MW x 2 units), India (600-MW x 2 units + 800-MW x 2 units) and Egypt (650-MW x 2units). 

Doosan Vina’s manufactures boilers for thermal power plants and heat recovery steam generators that increase the efficiency of a typical power plant by more than 30 percent.