UPDATE: GE, Siemens make offers to acquire Alstom

General Electric (NYSE: GE) on April 30 officially offered $13.5 billion enterprise value to acquire three units of Alstom.

GE submitted a binding offer to purchase Alstom’s Thermal, Renewables and Grid businesses for $13.5 billion in enterprise value and $3.4 billion of net cash, totaling $16.9 billion.

On April 29, Siemens’ (NYSE: SI) Managing Board and the Supervisory Board announced that the company will make an offer to acquire Alstom.

According to a press release from Siemens, the prerequisite for this offer is that Alstom give Siemens access to the company’s data room and permission to interview the management team during a four week period. The letter was submitted Tuesday afternoon to Altsom.

Various reports last week stated GE was interested in acquiring Alstom for around $13 billion. However, on Monday Siemens also showed interested in purchasing the company, saying it would consider making an offer after meeting with French President François Hollande.

On Sunday Siemens said it had “submitted a letter to the Board of Alstom to signal its willingness to discuss future strategic opportunities.”

Alstom stated in a release Sunday that it would make a further announcement before the end of the week.