Gas, Nuclear

Natural gas, nuclear and oil-fired retirements to top 14 GW by 2023

A report from SNL Energy said more than 14-GW of non coal-fired capacity is scheduled to retire by 2023, with a majority of the capacity attributed to natural gas-fired capacity.

Natural gas-fired capacity accounts for more than 77 percent, or 10,793-MW, of the noncoal retirements in the U.S. by 2023. Oil-fired capacity retirements total 2,587-MW, or 19 percent, to be retired the same year. Nuclear capacity counts for 604-MW to be retired by 2015, with the closure of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

The PJM Interconnection has 3,999-MW of natural gas-fired and oil-fired generation scheduled for retirement at the ISO/RTO level. More than 79 percent of that non-coal capacity is expected to shut down by year-end 2015, the report said. California ISO comes in second with 3,550-MW slated for retirement by 2023, and natural gas accounts for 3,540-MW of that total. CalISO has the largest number of natural gas retirements by 2023 in the country, with almost 33 percent of all natural gas unit retirements in the region.