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Oklahoma Governor signs Executive Order to promote solar, wind growth

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed an Executive Order to promote the growth of distributed solar and wind in the state. 

The Order came as Gov. Fallin signed Senate Bill 1456 into law. The Order states that “all executive entities shall support all forms of energy, including both traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, as outlined and mandated by the Oklahoma First Energy Plan. This plan promotes wind and solar power as important forms of clean energy which have a significant place in Oklahoma power generation.”

In addition, the Order “does not mandate tariffs or other increases for distributed generation customers.” Governor Fallin adds that “prior to implementation of any fixed charges, this Bill allows the Commission to consider the use of all available alternatives, including other rate reforms such as increased use of time-of-use rates, minimum bills and demand charges.”

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is to conduct a “transparent evaluation of distributed generation” that “mandates inclusion of all stakeholders, including representatives of the solar and distributed wind industries, and utilities,” the Order states to protect ratepayers.

Previously, Power Engineering reported that the OCC would create a separate customer class and monthly surcharge for distributed generation from rooftop solar or small wind turbines.

Customers who previously installed those systems would not be affected. The bill would only apply to utilities regulated by the OCC.

New tariffs for distributed generation would start by the end of 2015.