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Minnesota Public Utilities Commission chooses solar bid over natural gas

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The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) chose Geronimo Energy’s Aurora Solar Project for Minnesota-based Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL).

“The Aurora project competed with a number of natural gas plants and in the end, the Commission found that our project was a cost competitive part of the overall solution and would help Xcel Energy meet Minnesota’s energy policy goals,” Betsy Engelking, vice president of Geronimo Energy, said.

In December 2013, Administrative Law Judge Eric L. Lipman recommended the PUC adopt the Aurora Solar Project. “The greatest value to Minnesota and Xcel’s ratepayers is drawn from selecting Geronimo’s solar energy proposal,” Lipman said in his report.

The Aurora Solar Project is a 100-MW distributed solar generation project that will utilize solar arrays ranging in size from 2-MW to 10-MW across 16 counties in Xcel’s service territory.