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Westinghouse installs passive safety system at Slovenia nuclear power plant

Westinghouse Electric Co. completed the instllation of a fully passive containment filtered venting system (PCFVS) at the Nuklearna Elektrarna Krško (NEK) Nuclear Power Plant in Slovenia. The system enhances safety in the area of severe accident management and was required by the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA) after the 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan.

NEK is the first European nuclear power plant to install the system following the Fukushima accident. The system mainly consists of five aerosol filters inside containment, and an iodine filter inside the auxiliary building and various auxiliary components (such as valves and rupture disks) to ensure its fully passive operation during more than 72 hours. The PFCVS provides a reduction in the amount of radioactive materials that could be released if a Fukushima-type of accident were to occur It took 15 months to complete installation of the system in the containment building.

Westinghouse has been  providing the Krško Nuclear Power Plant with products and services since 1983.

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