Cokenergy to receive $40M in upgrades

Primary Energy Recycling  Corp. (TSX: PRI) signed a new 10-year agreement between Cokenergy and its site host.

The contract, which will be in place through September 30,  2023 will provide upgrades to the 95-MW facility.

As a part of the agreement, Cokenergy expects to complete the approximately $40 million facility upgrade, that began in 2010, by the end  of 2015. The original completion date was scheduled for 2018 but has been accelerated to increase  reliability and efficiency of the plant.

Major upgrades  include retubing all 16 boilers, updating the  facility’s control system and optimizing the flue gas scrubbing  system.

Cokenergy Inc., is a waste heat recovery, CHP facility that provides electricity and process steam to Ispat Inland Inc.’s steelmaking operations in East Chicago, Ind.