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NRC to increase oversight at Duane Arnold nuclear power plant

NRC Approves Changes to Reactor Oversight Process

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a white finding of low-to-moderate significance to the Duane Arnold nuclear power plant in Iowa. NextEra Energy Duane Arnold operates the plant.

NRC inspectors said that workers did not perform an immediate operability evaluation and did not recognize the reactor core isolation cooling (RCIC) system was inoperable after receiving a signal that the turbine speed indicator was in a degraded condition. As a result, the system would not have been available to perform its safety function if needed. In case of an actual event, other systems would have been able to provide cooling water to the reactor.

As a result of this finding and a white finding issued on Dec. 18, 2013, the plant will move from Column 2 to Column 3 of the NRC’s Action Matrix, retroactive to the third quarter of 2013. The previous white finding involved the failure to have an appropriate procedure for the reassembly of a standby diesel generator’s oil heat exchanger, making one of the two diesel generators inoperable.

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