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Japan nuclear power plant seeks to restart

Chubu Electric Power Co. is looking to restart a 3,617-MW nuclear power plant in central Japan that was forced to shut down after the 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Chubu filed for the state safety assessment for Unit 4 at the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, according to GlobalPost. Chubu has been working to install seawalls and implement other measures to protect the plant from tsunami. Those measures are expected to be completed in September 2015, the article said. About five tons of seawater entered the reactor core of Unit 5 at the plant, which was discovered in May 2011 as workers were shutting down the unit. Officials required the shutdown because of the plant’s location along a geologic faultline. Two of the five reactors at the plant were retired in 2009.

All 48 commercial reactors must satisfy new nuclear regulations before they can restart.

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