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Duke Energy successfully seals broken pipe at Dan River Steam Station

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) continues to address the coal ash release that began last week at the company’s Dan River Steam Station in Eden, N.C. after a storm water pipe broke and released ash basin water and ash into Dan River.

Crews successfully filled the section of the broken pipe with a concrete grout material and capping system and will continue to grout the entire pipe. The company also installed a permanent plug at the site to stop ash basin release at the Dan River Steam Station.

In addition, the installation of a catch basin, along with a series of pumps at the end of the pipe, has eliminated most outflow to the river. Any outflow is captured and pumped back into a safe area of the ash basin.

Duke Energy is working with federal and state environmental agencies to design a long-term river cleanup plan.

To view the water samples testing at the site, click here.