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Wind energy project to deliver 500 MW of power

Tres Amigas and Broadview Energy LLC will develop and build up to 500 MW of wind power generation in northeast New Mexico.

The deal will allow Broadview to deliver its wind power for the next 25 years to California starting by year-end 2015, and enable the project to use additional services to be offered by Tres Amigas when the Super Station becomes operational. The first phase of the project, named Brahms Wind, uses 12, 1.65 MW turbines and includes a substation. The larger second phase is named Broadview Energy KW. The wind farm is expected to connect with Tres Amigas by December 2015.

The Broadview project includes the installation of more than 200 GE (NYSE: GE) wind turbines and is working with Mortenson Construction as its contractor. National Renewable Solutions is its manager/developer.