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LG&E, KU Energy submits new coal ash landfill proposal near Trimble County Generating Station

After a previous proposal was rejected by state regulators, Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities (KU) have resubmitted a new coal ash landfill proposal.

The proposal, if approved, would make plans to develop a 189-acre landfill on land it owns near its Trimble County Generating Station, near Louisville.

In an interview with Courier Journal, LG&E spokeswoman Liz Pratt said that the new proposal offers the “least environmental impacts for the long-term management of coal combustion residuals.”

Regulators denied the previous proposal stating that the landfill would be too close to a cave, which is protected by a state law enacted in 1988.

State officials are holding a public forum scheduled Feb. 20.