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Pa. Coal Alliance calls for legislative hearings on power supply prices

Pennsylvania Coal Alliance legislative hearings power supply prices coal-fired power plants

The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance has called for legislative hearings to investigate the reasons for short supplies of electricity causing power prices to spike, citing the “premature closing of coal-fired power plants” as being partly to blame for the issue.

According to Coal Alliance CEO John Pippy, the high prices follow the closing of three Pennsylvania coal-fired power plants last year. He added “there wasn’t enough reasonably price power available during this extreme cold snap,” stating it was partially due to federal emission regulations forcing the closing of coal-fired power plants.

“Extreme weather can cause energy prices to become volatile, but coal-fired electricity is much less likely to be subject to severe price swings,” Pippy stated in a release. “Coal as an energy source brings a strong element of stability to the power supply and, therefore, to wholesale power prices.”

Pippy also stated he believed legislative hearings would be a good way to learn lessons from the power supply problems.

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