TVA asks customers to reduce electricity use during cold snap

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is asking all customers to reduce their electricity use until Friday afternoon due to below-freezing temperatures across the Southeastern U.S increasing demand.

Peak power demand is expected to exceed 31,000 MW the evening of Jan. 23, with another peak demand of 33,000 MW expected the morning of Jan. 24. In comparison, demand was just below 32,500 MW during the cold front on Jan. 7.

TVA says customers can reduce their electricity use by turning down the thermostat, waiting to use appliances such as dishwashers and cooking equipment, and turning off nonessential lights, appliances and other electrical equipment. TVA issued an internal “Conservation Operation Alert” on Jan. 20 which delays any non-emergency maintenance at its generation and transmission facilities to minimize risks to the power grid, and initiated a “Power Supply Alert,” which says that demand may reach a level where an unexpected shutdown of a large generating facility or transmission system could reduce TVA’s power supply reserves.