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PowerSecure awarded $50M in contracts for distributed generation, infrastructure business

PowerSecure International Inc. (NYSE: POWR), a provider of utility and energy technologies to electric utilities and commercial companies, has been awarded approximately $50 million for distributed generation, utility infrastructure and energy efficiency products.

Approximately $24 million will go to new turnkey distributed generation, $2 million towards utility infrastructure business, and about $24 million for energy efficiency products.

Projects for distributed generation include a 3-MW solar project. Additional projects for major industrial sites and retailers are also included in the contract.

The $2 million in utility infrastructure include substation, transmission and distribution work for ongoing utility system maintenance and construction projects, mostly for large utilities and large industrial sites.

The $24 million in new energy efficiency include $23 million in for lighting for utilities and commercial customers. The remaining $1 million will go towards ESCO projects to implement energy efficiency improvements at public housing facilities.

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