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MidAmerican begins construction on Iowa’s largest wind project

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MidAmerican has begun construction of its Highland Wind Project, the largest wind farm project in Iowa.

The project, located in O’Brien County, will consist of 218 wind turbines. MidAmerican will work on the foundations through 2014 and erect them in 2015.

In an interview with KTIV, the NBC affiliate station in the area, MidAmerican Spokesperson Tina Potthoff said that with the number of wind turbines and megawatts it is considered the largest wind farm project in the State. She added that each turbine can produce 2.3 MW of energy, totaling 500 MW.

The Highland Wind Project would pay out more than a million dollars each year to landowners.

O’Brien County is one of several counties in Iowa where MidAmerican will be putting up turbines.

MidAmerican is also in the process of finalizing where to build a substation, which the company says is a vital part of the project.

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