Dominion begins commercial operations at Conn. renewable energy plants

Dominion (NYSE: D) has started commercial operations at two renewable energy facilities in Connecticut. The Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell Facility in Bridgeport and the Dominion Somers Solar Center in Somers produce a combined 20 MW of renewable energy capacity.

The 14.9 MW Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell is part of Project 150, a program sponsored by Connecticut and supported by the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority to increase renewable and clean energy projects in the state by 150 MW. FuelCell Energy Inc. will operate and maintain the facility as well as supply the five Direct FuelCell stationary fuel cell power plants and an organic rankine turbine that will convert waste heat from the fuel cells into additional electricity.

The Somers Solar Center was built by Prime Solutions Inc. and uses 23,150 Kyocera solar panels to generate around 5 MW of capacity.

Both facilities have a power purchase agreement with Connecticut Light & Power.

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