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NextEra’s 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights clean energy investment

NextEra released its 2013 responsibility report Thursday, which highlights how the company is investing in clean energy while growing.

The company stated in a release it is continuing to make significant investments in emissions-free power generation. Over the past five years, it has upgraded six existing nuclear sites to add around 700 MW in net generating capacity, and the company commissioned around 1,500 MW of wind energy in the U.S. in 2012.

The company also stated that 97 percent of its power generation in 2012 was from clean or renewable sources, including wind, solar, combined-cycle natural gas and nuclear sources.

The report included information about the company’s effort to conserve water as well, which includes investing in power generation that does not use water, including wind and photovoltaic solar power, and utilizing sustainable water sources or using reclaimed water for cooling when feasible. The report notes that 98 percent of water withdrawn by NextEra is returned to its original source.

The full report is available for download at