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Construction at 80 MW Blue Mountain in Utah begins

The 80 MW Blue Mountain wind energy site in Utah has begun construction. Commenced by Greenbriar Capital Corp., the Blue Mountain project is in a 20-year sales agreement with PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Mid-American Energy Holdings Company, 89 percent owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

Construction has been awarded to renewable power engineering, procurement and construction company, RMT Inc., a subsidiary of IEA Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, LLC of Chicago. RMT previously built more than 5,000 MW in renewable energy facilities for Greenbriar Capital, including the 120 MW Windstar Wind Project in California and the 10.5 MW Kingman wind-solar project.

Since construction began December 9th, the 80 MW Blue Mountain Wind Project will qualify for $42 Million in Federal Investment Tax credits.

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