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Nuclear power plant closure may cost SCE $74.2mn in customer refunds

Southern California Edison may have to pay customers a refund for the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

Two California Public Utilities Commission administrative law judges proposed SCE to refund $74.2 million on its customers’ 2012 bills, and for San Diego Gas & Electric Co. to refund $19.3 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. The judges said that Edison closed the plant in January and should have put it in “a preservation mode” instead of pushing for a rapid restart.  If the plan is approved by the CPUC, refunds could begin showing up in customers’ January 2014 bills.

SCE said in the article that “It would have been imprudent and unwise for Edison to lay off valuable technical staff in 2012.” SCE announced in June that the two reactors would be permanently shut down after leaks were found inside tubes in the replacement steam generators in January 2012. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has said faulty computer modeling by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who manufactured the steam generators, was to blame for the premature tube wear.

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