ABMA President and CEO Randy Rawson passes away

After a brief period of treatment for a recently diagnosed illness, Randy Rawson, president and CEO of the American Boiler Manufacturing Association, passed away Nov. 23.

During the most recent ABMA June 2013 Summer Meeting at the Broadmoor, the 125th anniversary of its founding, Rawson celebrated 25 years with the association and 13 years as AMBA’s President and CEO.

Rawson will be remembered as a skilled salesman – and ‘showman’ – relishing in his public engagements, the ABMA’s monthly newsletters and authored periodicals. He welcomed controversial discussions and saw it as an opportunity to define clarity of position.

“It is at this time of year, we pause to give thanks. Thankfulness for what has come before us, for what the future may have in store, for the strength to carry on, for what is good. Today, we pause to remember, and give thanks, for having had the pleasure of Randy walking amongst us,” said Kevin Hoey, Chairman of the Board of Directors for ABMA.

Rawson was outspoken, patriotic and quick to share his opinion, Hoey said.

“In fact, if you were within earshot, you were fair game,” he said. “He loved his politics, and any opportunity to banter. He will be recalled as one who was jovial and gregarious, the consummate ‘wordsmith.’”

Richard Baker, the publisher of Power Engineering magazine and senior vice president of the Power Division at PennWell Corp., said Rawson was a great collaborator and communicator who served the industry with passion.

“Randy was a powerful and persuasive voice for the industry,” Baker said. “He was a beloved colleague who will be missed by everyone he touched.”