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Sweden fines trespassers at nuclear plant

Seven Swedish and two Norwegian Greenpeace activists, five men and four women, were fined between $775 to $3,875 USD by a district court Thursday for entering a Swedish nuclear plant to expose alleged security flaws, according to an article posted on The Local’s website.

In October 2012, the group carried out what Greenpeace called a “peaceful stress test,” aimed at proving that anybody could enter Ringhals power plant, on Sweden’s west coast, near Gothenburg, according to the article.

Several protestors simply walked or cycled through the entrance and were arrested shortly after. Others used a ladder to scale the fence, two managed to stay inside the grounds of the plant until the next day. Two other activists who carried out the same action at the Forsmark power plant, north of Stockholm, were never found and only left the plant after two days.

Sweden has three nuclear plants that produce 35 percent of the country’s energy. In 2010 the Swedish parliament passed a government proposal allowing the replacement of nuclear reactors at the end of their life span, despite a 1980 referendum result in favor of winding down nuclear power.

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