Runner up: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Jordan Hydroelectric Project on Corps of Engineers’ Dam in North Carolina

Jordan Hydroelectric Project

The 4.4 MW Jordan Hydroelectric Project is located on the New Hope River in North Carolina at a 115-foot-high flood storage dam operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. the project consists of two, 2.2 MW vertical Kaplan turbines. Each turbine-generator unit is located inside of a 13-foot square by 100-foot-high steel box, or module, installed on the upstream side of the dam’s intake tower. the module supports the turbine, generator, and houses the equipment’s hydraulic power unit, ventilation and water filter systems, oil coolers, governors, and controls.

Kleinschmidt and North Fork Electric Inc., the module designer, fabricator, and installer, worked closely on the development of the innovative concept for the project, its layout, final design, fabrication and construction. Kleinschmidt designed the structural support system to allow a 90-ton rough terrain crane to be located on the intake tower roof for the assembly and installation of the modules and equipment.

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