Runner up: PMU Dominica on the island of Dominica

PMU Dominica

Geothermal potential in the Caribbean is thought to be substantial, but it remains largely untapped. the island of Dominica is one of the more promising sites, and is believed to have more than 1,300 MW of power potential, and the government is eager to develop the technology and wean itself off of expensive fossil fuels.

The government of Dominica signed an agreement with Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR) to drill three exploration wells to test for geothermal potential on the island in December 2011. the project was also financed by the French Development Agency (ADF) and the European Development Fund (EDF). ISOR used a slim well concept, which drills holes of four inches or less in diameter to depths of 1,800 meters. Aside from being more economical, slim hole drilling can be used to determine what the resources consist of and if they are usable for electricity production.

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