Runner up: Cummins Power Generation’s Nocten Fen Farm in the United Kingdom

Cummins Power Generation's Nocten Fen Farm

The 2 MW Nocton Fen Farm was built as part of an energy center in Bardney. An anaerobic digester, it generates heat and electricity with waste from local facilities including animal and crop waste from farms, brewery waste, and other mixed materials.

The land where the facility lies was lowered, and the extracted soil was used to create bunding (similar to a wall) around the entire site, which minimizes the digester’s appearance on the local landscape. In order to achieve this, the ground level was reduced below sea level by approximately 5 meters through the removal of topsoil, subsoil and several meters of gravel and sand. This material was then used to provide a bund around the whole site, which was further landscaped to resemble the surrounding countryside.

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