Best Nuclear winner: Entergy’s Nuclear Fleet Welding Program Standardization

Entergy has been performing welding activities using three different welding programs at its 11 reactors in nine locations. the program was inefficient and resulted in non-standard practices, redundant welding procedure specifications, diverse standards and variant welding material procurement specifications. the program negatively affected Entergy’s ability to resolve fleet issues, implement enhancements and provide governance and oversight.

Entergy standardized the code basis of the welding program to specific editions of commonly used codes. Generic ASME Section XI reconciliations to support the new code basis of the welding program and the fleet procurement specifications were developed. Entergy teams also formulated new procedure specifications, welding procedures and standards. New uniform software used to manage the welder qualification and welding planning processes was customized and implemented. New Welding material procurement specifications and new universal catalogue identification numbers for welding materials for the fleet were devised.

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