Runner up: Korea Southern Power Co. Ltd.’s Shinincheon Capacity Upgrade in South Korea.

South Korea saw its economy grow more than 6 percent in 2010, which led to a drop to as low as 4 percent in operating reserve margins during peak demand. Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) teamed up with GE Power & Water to develop a plan to optimize the performance of six existing GE 7FA turbines.

They used GE’s Advanced Gas Path Technology combined with GE’s enhanced compressor, Dry Low NOx (DLN2.6) extended interval hardware combustion system, and cooling optimization package the upgrade has resulted in total incremental power output of 130 MW, plus a reduction in NOx emissions from 20 ppm to 9 ppm. the project was under pressure to return the units to service as quickly as possible, so the project was completed in three phases, with two 7FAs being installed in each phase during scheduled maintenance outages.

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