U.S. to install larger offshore wind energy projects

A new report shows that the U.S. is trending toward larger offshore wind energy projects with 11 commercial-scale projects representing more than 3,800 MW of capacity in advanced stages of development.

The report from the Navigant Consortium for the U.S. Department of Energy, the “U.S. Offshore Wind Market and Economic Analysis,” says the 3,824 MW of capacity include projects that have at least signed a power purchase agreement, received approval for an interim or commercial lease in state or federal waters, or conducted baseline or geophysical studies at the proposed site. The report also says the average turbine size for the advanced-stage, planned U.S. projects is expected to range between 4 and 5 MW, which is larger than turbines used onshore.

Cost-competitiveness continues to be a challenge for U.S. offshore wind developers, along with a lack of offshore transmission, ports and vessels, and uncertain and lengthy regulatory processes.

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